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L'Amico | Italian Restaurant in New York, NY


Light & Crisp

Grimm ‘ Weisse’ Hefeweissbier, Brooklyn 473mL | 5.5% ABV. Warm spice, banana, lemon, cracked wheat $16

Barrier ‘Frau Blücher ’ Rauchbier, NY 473mL | 5.4% ABV. Cedar, beechwood and hickory smoke, wet grass, soft herbs. $12

Hop Forward

Equilibrium ‘Particle Physics’ APA, NY 473mL | 5.5% ABV. Apricot, peach, mango, tangerine, pineapple, resin. $14

Kent Falls ‘Superscript’ Imperial Pale Ale, C T 473mL | 6.0% ABV. Pine forest, watermelon rind, pine sap, sweet citrus. $14

KCBC ‘Lobster Drum Solo’ DDH DIPA, Brooklyn 473mL | 8.0% ABV. Pineapple, sweet blueberries, orange zest. Dank and resiny. $16

Blackberry Farm ‘Coyote Tactics’ IPA, TN 473mL | 7.2% ABV. Fresh grapefruit, dried orange peel, toasted brown bread. $16

Malt Forward

Grimm ‘Cinnamon Babka’ Imperial Milk Stout, Brooklyn 500mL | 12.0% ABV. Brewed with milk sugar, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, dash of salt.  $30

Gun Hill ‘Mean Mean Bean’ Milk Stout w/ Coffee, Bronx 473mL | 5.7% ABV. Cocoa, dried dark fruit, molasses, fresh brewed coffee. $12

Mikkeller NYC ‘Chai Life’ Imperial Brown Ale, Queens 473mL |  8.1% ABV. Brewed w/ cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, clove, ginger. $14

Torch & Crown ‘King Elizabeth’ Barleywine, Manhattan 473mL | 11.4% ABV. Toffee, dried dates, prunes, molasses, dark caramel. $14


Boon ‘Black Label 3rd Edition’ Oude Geuze, Belgium 750mL | 7.0% ABV. Balanced sourness, green apple, grapefruit, bone-dry finish. $45

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze, Belgium 2018 750mL | 6.5% ABV. Spontaneously fermented blended ale; spritzy, tart, earthy. $70

Saisons, Farmhouse, & Belgian-St Yle Ales

Drowned Lands ‘Quiet River ’ Foeder Table Beer, NY 473mL | 4.8% ABV. Fresh pear, underripe strawberry, orange zest, pepper, hay. $14

Threes ‘Dictator is the People’ BA Wheat Saison, Brooklyn 500mL | 5.8% ABV. Lemon and grapefruit pith, peppery, lightly tart, parmesan rind. $25

Threes ‘ Wandering Bine’ Saison, Brooklyn 750mL | 6.5% ABV. Green apple skin, mixed berries, overripe stone fruit. $30

Arrowood Farms ‘Red Goat’ Farmhouse Ale w/ Strawberries, NY 500mL | 6.5% ABV. Oak spice, summer strawberries, dried cranberry, tobacco, leather. $30

Arrowood Farms ‘Unending Curiosity ’ Farmhouse Ale, NY 500mL | 6.2% ABV. Brewed with Oyster mushrooms; light beechwood smoke, loam, meyer lemon. $35

Arrowood Farms ‘Farmhouse Table Beer ’ BA Saison, NY 750mL | 5.0% ABV. Lightly tart, white and black pepper, white grapes, orchard fruit. $42

Jolly Pumpkin + Off Color ‘Yikes!’ Sour Saison, MI 750mL | 5.8% ABV. Refreshingly tart, lemon, sweet citrus, grass, spice. $35

St. Bernardus ‘Abt 12’ Belgian Quad, Belgium 1500mL | 10.0% ABV. Dried and candied dark fruit, plums, dates, dark cherries, sweet yeasted bread. $100

Wild Ales, Mixed Fermentation, & Sours

Finback ‘Closer to the Equator ’ Sour Ale, Queens 473mL | 6.0% ABV. Brewed w/ cinnamon and habanero. Bright, light spice. $14

Folksbier ‘Bergamot Glow Up’ Fruited Berliner-style Weisse, BK 355mL | 4.5% ABV. Tart, sweet citrus zest, citrus flowers. $10

Gun Hill ‘Electric Groove’ Dry-Hopped Sour Ale, Bronx 473mL | 4.5% ABV. Brewed w/ passionfruit. Bright and tart, ripe passionfruit, green melon, tangerine. $12

Other Half ‘Double Vanilla Boys...’ Adjunct Berliner Weisse, BK 473mL | 7.4% ABV. Brewed w/ boysenberry, vanilla granola, vanilla, cinnamon, milk sugar. $14

Drowned Lands ‘Harvest Kill’ Sour Ale, NY 473mL | 7.3% ABV. Fruited sour IPA, w/ blackberry, raspberry, Madagascar vanilla, and lactose. $16

Kent Falls ‘Field Beer ’ Farmhouse Ale, C T 500mL | 5.2% ABV. Damp forest, fallen leaves, lemon and grapefruit peel, tart. $18

Highway Manor ‘Manor Light’ Wild Ale, PA 500mL | 4.2% ABV. Tart lemon, wet earth, hay. $14

Highway Manor ‘Hong Kong Say John’ Saison, PA 330mL | 6.7% ABV. Brewed/ ginger and lemongrass. Bright mixed citrus, ginger spice, white pepper. $12

Highway Manor ‘Mr. Apricot’ Barrel-Aged Sour Ale, PA 330mL | 5.2% ABV. Aged on fresh apricots. Lightly tart, ripe stone fruit, wet stone. $18

Upland ‘Oak & Red’ BA Belgian-style Blended Sour, IN 500mL | 8.0% ABV. With Catawba grapes; apple jolly ranchers, light bourbon barrel character. $30

Upland ‘Sour Reserve’ BA Sour Blonde Ale, IN 500mL | 6.0% ABV. Geuze-style blended ale; green apple, apricots vinous. $35

Brasserie Trois Dames ‘Envoutée’ Cognac BA Sour, Switzerland 330mL | 6.6% ABV. Ripe plums, wet stone, hints of Sherry and Cognac. $20

Bellwoods Brewery ‘Grandma's...’ Wild Ale, Canada 500mL | 5.8% ABV. With Shiro Plums; underripe yellow stone fruit, pears, oak spice, lemony acidity. $35

Sparkling Cider

B. Nektar ‘Core Crusher ’, MI 500mL | 6.8% ABV. Bone-dry. Earth, apple skin, barn wood. $16

Bad Seed ‘Bourbon Barrel Reserve’, Hudson River Valley, NY 750mL | 6.5% ABV. Dry. Stewed apples, sweet bourbon, light oak flavor and tannin. $20

Metal House ‘Ora d'Oro’, Hudson River Valley, NY 2016 | 8.5% ABV. Bone-dry. bright acidity, champagne-like, crisp apples, tannic. $45

Metal House ‘ Wild One’, Hudson River Valley, NY 2017 | 8.2% ABV. Bone-dry, white cherry, asian pear, tropical fruit. $45

Metal House ‘Ammir ’, Hudson River Valley, NY 2019 | 8.3% ABV. Bone -dry. Dried stone fruit, bread dough, crisp, refreshing. $45

Metal House ‘Arista’, Hudson River Valley, NY 2019 | 8.0% ABV. Bone-dry. Tart cherry aromas, apricot, dates, firm acidity, crisp finish. $45

Sundstrom ‘Sponti’, Hudson River Valley, NY 2016 | 8.0% ABV. Dry. Ripe stone fruit, lemon zest, tart cherries. $35

Sundstrom ‘Cider/Cider SAUER’, Hudson River Valley, NY 2018 | 7.0% ABV. Dry. Lightly sparkling, tart, tropical fruit, damp earth, dried hay. $35

Angry Orchard ‘Margil’, Walden, NY | 6.4% ABV. Off-dry. Single variety cider. Overripe apple, marshmallow, fresh citrus. $40

Angry Orchard ‘Super Natural’, Walden, NY | 7.6% ABV. Dry. Pet-nat cider. Damp earth, overripe apples, dried pears. $35

Aaron Burr ‘Appinette’, Wurtsboro, NY 2017 | 8.3% ABV. Dry. Grape and apple cider, vinous, tropical fruit. $35

Eve's Cidery ‘Beckhorn Hollow ’, Ithaca, NY 2018 | 8.0% ABV. Bone-dry. Red cherry, dark roast coffee, red flowers, citrus peel. $40

Floral Terranes ‘Suburban Moraines’, Roslyn, NY 500mL still cider | 8.0% ABV. Dry. Brisk, tart, green mint, fresh. $45

Eden ‘Imperial 11° Rose’, Newport, VT | 11.0% ABV. Off-dry. With red currant, bright acidity and chewy tannins. $55

Smockshop Country Pear and Grape Wine, OR | 8.0% ABV. Dry. W/ pears, gewürztraminer, and other grapes. Exotic citrus, orange blossom. $55 

Domaine LeSuffleur ‘La Folletiere’, Normandy, France 2014 | 7.1% ABV. Off-dry. Lemon, light oak, caramel. $50

Eric Bordelet ‘Authentique’ Poire, Normandy, France 2010 | 4.0% ABV. Off-dry. Dried and stewed pears, balanced acidity, granite -like minerality. $65

Maley ‘Jorasses’, Valle d'Aosta, Italy 2015 | 7.5% ABV. Dry. Grapefruit peel, anise, white stones. $35